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DITALIA is an engineering and trading company with a specialization in Renewable Energy, Food and Beverages Processing and Packaging Machinery. Water, carbonated beverages, fruit juices, dairy products, tea, coffee, flavoured-functional drinks, beer, jelly, pudding and edible oil, either in bottles, cans, cups, standing pouches or pre-formed paper boxes. One of the features that distinguish us from our competitors is our ability to listen to your need and share our extensive knowledge and breadth of application.

Our extensive know-how allows us to deliver the most technologically advanced machinery, which can help you achieve operational excellence. You sure to benefit from our excellent range of services and competencies.

Our customer commitment is demonstrated in our ability to develop tailor-made solution to each unique application. Once we have evaluated your product(s), our staff will discuss and develop together with you the most suitable solution that meets your need. We optimise the system with your needs and expectation in mind through expert applications engineering, superior customer service and competitive pricing.

Your relationship with DITALIA doesn't end with the sale. Our qualified engineers are available for trouble shooting and problem solving to insure your line is up and running smoothly.

All of our machinery is 100% new from factory and it has one year limited warranty on non-wear parts and labour. Most vital parts for the machines in operation are stocked and they can be shipped within 24 hours, which will minimize downtime and reduce service expenses.


Our products range :

  • Solar Panel Technology.
  • Wind Technology.
  • River Water Treatments.
  • PP, PET and HDPE stretch blow moulding, capacity 4,000 ~ 10,000 bottles/hour.
  • Beverages preparation include water treatment, sugar dissolving and blending system.
  • PP, PET and HDPE stretch blow moulding, capacity 4,000 ~ 10,000 bottles/hour.
  • Beverages preparation include water treatment, sugar dissolving and blending system.
  • Sterilisation for hot and aseptic filling by plate or tubular UHT, capacity up to 20M3/hour.
  • Homogeniser, deaerator, aroma recovery system and centrifugal separators.
  • Automatic standing pouches filling and sealing, capacity up to 12,000 pouches/hour.
  • Aseptic Form Fill seal for packing milk in pillow pack capacity 3,000~6,000 bags/hour.
  • Automatic gable top carton machine (erected, sterilised, filled).
  • Monobloc filling machines for glass, PP, PET bottles (beer, juices, tea, isotonic, milk).
  • Monobloc filling machines for cans (beer, juices, tea, isotonic). 
  • Showering pasteurizer cooling tunnel for bottles and cans, capacity up to 72,000 BPH.
  • Clean in Place (C.I.P/S.I.P/C.O.P) for tanks, filler, heat exchanger and pipe works.
  • Inspection Equipments.
  • Automatic Labeling machine with shrinkable label or OPP label.
  • Automatic case and tray wrapping machines, capacity 8~45 cases (trays) /minute.
  • Shrink wrapping with plastic film, capacity 8~45 bundles/minute.
  • Palletiser, de-palletiser and stretch wrapping machine.
  • CHENYUEH HYGIENIC TYPE Automatic High Speed Cup Filling and Sealing Machine is designed to run at high speed (up to 34,000 cups/hour for cup Ø 75 x H 200 volume 200-240ml), with seal integrity up to 99%. It is suitable for packing margarine, jam, marmalade, yoghurt, cream cheese, drinking water, juice, energy drink, jelly drink, ready-to-drink tea, coffee milk, either with semi solid or not.  

Shrink Wrapping

Pick and Place Machine

Wrap Around Labeller