Filling and seaming machines for coffee in cans and glass jars

Filling of cans, Check-weighing of cans, Seaming of tin lids and bottoms, Double heat-sealing of cardboard bottoms - INDOSA matic 100 bi

This is the long dreamt-of machine for all can users. This multitalent resolves all of your present and future problems in filling and seaming cans. The decision-making for sales department, marketing, purchasing department and production is simplified by far.

The definitive decision for tin cans, composite cans and paper cans with tin lid or cardboard bottom can be adjourned, as the INDOSA matic 100 bi works up all cans, even out-of-round one’s - immediately or later. The machine adapts to every environmental legislation and to every direction fashion will take.

The unique INDOSA-concept and the perfect technology are a pleasure for the experienced engineer. High-tech freaks will be inspired by the design and the solution of every little detail. The modern electric and pneumatic control systems are incorporated into tight V2A-enclosures. At INDOSA visible tubes and cables are things of the past!

The INDOSA matic 100 bi can be inserted as heart of an automatic can plant. All extension parts, as well as preceding and following machines can be completed by INDOSA’s own program.