HEUFT logic

Finding gaps:  sorting out incomplete full cases.

Courage to leave gaps?  This is completely out of place along a filling line.  Cases which are not completely filled with bottles, jars or cans should not leave it in the first place. The HEUFT logic tracks down such gaps in cases, cardboard boxes and trays without contact.  It removes faulty full cases from the production flow using proven HEUFT rejection systems.



Case check

Identifying incomplete cases: a continuous check.

With gaps, incomplete and incorrect: the HEUFT logic checks cases with such defects immediately after the packer using an optical or electromagnetic procedure. Several sensors inspect the case completely depending on the number of columns and compartments. They are fastened to a sensor carrier above the conveyor. Its height can be adjusted and adapted to the most varied cases. Regardless of the type of closures used:  the HEUFT logic can be ideally adapted to the respective requirements on site due to its specific sensor system. The standard device evaluates the signals received reliably: cases with incomplete contents are sorted out.



The rejection of faults

Preventing recalls: the reliable rejection of faulty cases.

Fast, careful and accurate: highest precision when detecting faults is only effective if the products in question are also removed afterwards.  The device either emits a conveyor stop signal or activates the corresponding rejection system, such as the HEUFTxcase, in order to remove incomplete cases, cardboard boxes or trays from the production flow.