Perfect labelling all around:  accurate application.

Perfection all around:  the HEUFT TORNADO R is the expert for applying wrap-around labels.  It applies these labels to up to 60,000 containers per hour using either parallel or linear transport.  Servo technology ensures a harmonious rotation and a fine adjustment with millimetre accuracy in the course of this.  In addition it carries out easy and fast brand and program changes.  The closed hot glue system of the machine ensures a high level of cleanliness.  The newly labelled containers are subjected to an intensive final check immediately due to the optional inspection units which can be integrated.





Wrap-around labelling

Applying labels exactly:  precise dress.


Safe all around, clean all around and accurate all around:  the HEUFT TORNADO R applies wrap-around labels precisely and without folds to up to 60,000 containers per hour.  The integrated servo technology ensures a highly precise rotation of the bottles which are fixed to specially developed centring plates. Thus the labels entwine them completely and precisely.  The rotating containers pull the labels gently out of the magazine due to the correctly measured glue spots for initial gluing.  A thin line of glue is applied to the end of the label at the same time so that the overlap can be stuck and brushed on precisely and with a minimum offset.  In contrast to the conventional roller application the closed hot glue system of the wrap-around labeller halves the glue consumption and protects the glue against ambient air and contamination.  This reduces maintenance costs and increases operational reliability.




Label check

More than just labelling:  direct presence check.


Double-checking, examining and verifying:  the HEUFT TORNADO R can do more than "just" labelling.  It also checks the results of its work during the same work process.  The presence of the labels is checked using sensors.  This direct quality assurance can be extended by numerous other checking and inspecting functions upon request.




Fast brand changes

Changing simply:  adapting without tools.


Uncomplicated, time-saving and reliable:  the HEUFT TORNADO R not only keeps time and personnel requirements extremely low during running operation.  Brand and program changes are also dealt with fast and easily:  the servo-controlled belt drive can be programmed according to the brand and adapts itself automatically to the changed container format during brand changes.  No tools whatsoever are required in order to replace the change parts. The vertical adjustment of the machine head is carried out just as automatically as the correct positioning of the sensors for checking the label presence.  This saves human resources and reduces unproductive downtimes to a minimum.


Central lubrication

Greasing automatically:  minimum maintenance.


Central, automatic and economical:  the correct amount of grease is applied to all the moving parts of the labelling machine so that everything always runs like clockwork.  The integrated central lubrication system greases the main bearings and the rotary gears for the bottle platform.  This ensures the durability of all the components sustainably.  Complex maintenance work can therefore be dispensed with. 

Fault rejection

Preventing recalls:  the reliable rejection of faulty containers.

Fast, careful and accurate:  highest precision when detecting faults is only effective if the products in question are also removed afterwards.  The single-segment and multi-segment rejection systems of the HEUFT rejector series deal with this both precisely and carefully.



Optional additional functions

Making even more possible:  extensions to the range of functions.

Labelling machines with their modular design based on the HEUFTSPECTRUM TX can be extended at any time.  Thus the range of functions of the HEUFT TORNADO R can be extended as an option with further functions for optimising and checking the labelling and product quality: 

  • Camera-based modules check the position, fit, alignment as well as the brand purity of the labels. 
  • The HEUFT vio OCR verifies the best before dates and barcodes which have been applied. 
  • Special detection units check the fill height and internal pressure. 
  • The bottle burst detection records burst glass bottles in the infeed, stops the machine and protects it against contamination due to glass splinters. 
  • A special collection table prevents the accumulation of containers in the outfeed. 
  • A conveyor control system ensures a container flow without gaps and free of impact pressure. 
  • Special sensors check the presence and the position of the closures. 
  • The logo detection identifies non-brand lids. The HEUFT sonic checks the tightness of metal lids and crown corks.