Container forms have become diverse and labels are now used for many types of containers such as plastic, glass, or metallic ones. When using labels, illustrations and logos are printed on the reverse side of a film. Labels are very effective for enhancing a products appeal, since the whole label can be used to display the design.
All kinds of products in
*  Food and Beverage (Sauces, Spread, Prepared meal, Snacks, Soft drinks, Fruit juices, Water, Alcoholic drinks, etc.) 
*  Dairy (Milk-based drink, Yogurt drink, Yogurt Cup, Coffee creamer, Ice cream, etc.)
*  Nutrition product/Supplement (Baby food, Healthy foods, etc.)
*  Home care (Laundry, Fabric care, Detergent, Cleaning products, etc.)
*  Personal Care (Hair care, Soap and Bath products, Oral care, Skin care, Cosmetics, etc.)
Capacity: 150-500BPM (500ml)